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March 2022

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2022 Announcement

We are enthusiastic to offer again the exciting virtual career fair of ETH for 2022!


Join us this year from 09.00am until 07.00pm (GMT +1) in March, 2022! 


What is poly-E-fair?

Check out the aftermovie from 2021’s poly-E-fair!

Participant Testimonials 2020

All the company booths were extremely interactive. It was a great event.

Chat sessions were really well organized.

Companies offered a lot of information on their virtual stands — even, additional information that isn't published on their company websites.

The many different information/contract  possibilities were great. Easy guidance and orientation.

A huge plus compared to regular fairs is that you don't have to stand awkwardly next to the people talking if you're not part of the original conversation!

What I like most is that it was possible to interact with many job profiles (from trainees to bosses)

Informal communication possibilities with  potential employers, very relaxed and informal communication possibilities with potential employers: easy access, and very relaxing

I liked the overall experience. Even though there was no face-to-face interaction, it was personal and a very efficient fair 🙂

Live Streams gave interesting insights into the companies.

I enjoyed the interactions, private messaging and openess of discussions. Some HR experts actually provided feedback on CVs during booth chats, which was amazing.

The optics of the virtual booths were great. They were all different.

Great possibility to interact with company members and ask them questions about their positions and daily life.

The chat rooms with companies were amazing.

The Live Stream that I attended were all good. I was able to get many questions answered.

It's well implemented and the information is presented attractively and clearly.

The whole idea and organization are wonderful.

Company Testimonials 2020

Good accessibility of the organisation committee, always offer quick help with problems and , top support during the day of the fair.

Great job  ETH team! Hope you will host another virtual event soon.

Good flexibility, quick feedback on questions, quick implementation, good support and customer orientation.

All in all, poly-E-fair is a very great platform. The interaction was easy and very clear with many possibilities (chat, download, video, photo galleries, phone or video conference etc.)

It was a great event! 🙂

Many thanks to the whole team for a very well planned and organized fair.

Thank you very much for your active support, working with you is fun! Great occasion!

It’s nice that virtual career fair like this exists. We were able to get in contact with ETH students very well.

We always received very fast and very competent answers to our questions . Technically, everything  worked perfectly.

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