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poly-E-fair is the virtual career fair of ETH Zurich founded in spring 2019. Its virtual nature makes it possible for all parties to meet and exchange information on job openings and career opportunities at low cost without geographic restrictions. poly-E-fair is interdisciplinary and is open to all students and graduates from ETH Zurich. It is a unique networking opportunity for companies and organizations who are looking to recruit talented and highly skilled professionals to make a positive difference to their operations.


poly-E-fair offers various means for participants to connect during and after the event. Various tools, such as chat rooms with integrated telephone and video chat, a job board, and a talent search function for suitable candidates, elevate the experience of a physical fair into a virtual career fair in the modern digital world.

Company Booths

Exhibitors can present themselves in virtual booths. The booths can contain different information about the company like links to external websites, documents or a direct application tool. The freedom of the booth design and the possibility to include videos, audio recordings and GIFs to the booth, gives every exhibitor the chance to present themselves in a total new way with respect to classical job fairs.

Participation Fee and Services

The next poly-E-fair will take place on April 13th, 2021. We are corrently working on the terms and conditions for participation. As soon as they are finalized, they will be published here.


poly-E-fair is coordinated by three parties of ETH Zurich: Telejob, Forum&Contact and the ETH Alumni Association. While Forum&Contact and Telejob are student associations targeting ETH Zurich’s Bachelor, Master and PhD Students, the ETH Alumni Association has an outreach to graduates of ETH Zurich. The unique collaboration of the three parties guarantees the extensiveness of poly-E-fair in the ETH community.

If you are interested in participating in poly-E-fair as an exhibitor and would like to receive more information about the event, please contact us via the contact form.

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